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Sugar Glider Sugar Bear Nail Care 2


In the wild, sugar glider sugar bears glide from one tree to another and thus their name of sugar glider sugar bears. Thus these animals have very sharp claws that are of great help in the wild. These have a fear of falling that comes as an instinct and they should always be able to grasp on to the surroundings. If not, they will just freeze and not move around. Therefore it is not advisable to clip off their toenails; instead you should file them so that they can still hang around and also not hurt your skin when you pick them up to play with them. Exercise wheels for sugar glider sugar bears come with a special abrasive insert that can be fit in the wheel to trim their nails. Otherwise, you can just use an ordinary file to trim the nails by hand.


Most pet owners prefer the first method as it is easy and convenient. It is of utmost importance that you not use just any wheel, like the typical hamster type wheels, because sugar glider sugar bears have much longer tails that can get entangled in the wheel.


Instead go in for wheels specially designed for sugar glider sugar bears, like Run-o-Round from a company Pocket Pets that also has a very effective abrasive insert that you can use with ease. You can put the insert in the wheel while you sleep at night and it can trip down the nails efficiently and quickly. You will only have to make sure that the insert is taken off in the morning. If you prefer the more traditional way to file the nails by hand, you will require one person to hold your sugar glider sugar bear while you quickly swipe against the nails. It generally takes just 3-5 such swipes to trim their nails. Do not file the nails too much, otherwise they will just start sliding all around, but don’t worry too much if you have done so, as the nails grow back pretty quickly. 

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