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Sugar Glider Sugar Bear Cost 5

Sugar glider sugar bears are becoming harder to get of late owing to their rapid growth of popularity and the fact that they don’t breed really fast. Assuming you need a sugar glider sugar bear that is ready to bond, i.e. between 8-12 weeks old, you would need to spend about $200-$400 for one. You may come across much cheaper sugar glider sugar bears for half to quarter of this price. However, you should keep away from these sellers. It is always advisable to buy directly from the breeder with a valid USDA license than to buy over the internet. You should especially be careful not to fall for the scam of the so called rescue glider. Once you buy them with the initial amount, the cost of maintaining them is really low, which means sugar glider sugar bears are really affordable as a pet owner in the long run. Some internet sites like to claim that maintaining sugar glider sugar bears is very costly, but the truth is, there are no real hidden expenses with these pets. You do not have to prepare elaborate and difficult homemade recopies and concoctions for your pet, as some internet sites like to claim. Instead, you should get your sugar glider sugar bear ready to eat pellets that are available in the market that are a lot cheaper, and also more nutritious and balanced for your sugar glider sugar bear. In fact, all the maintenance cost that you will incur for your sugar glider sugar bear will be about $10 a month excluding the Vet bill for any possible emergencies. As sugar glider sugar bears are prone to a lot of diseases that other pets suffer from, even the Vet bill is quite cheap, and barring any exceptional emergencies, you would only need a once a year visit to your Vet for checkup. In addition, your sugar glider sugar bear doesn’t need to be bathed and groomed and thus these little pets are really easy to maintain.

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